Tokophobia Support

As someone who used to suffer from tokophobia, I can relate to what you might be going through. Childbirth used to completely freak me out. On some level I thought I wanted kids, but I could never bear to hold them or be near them. I couldn’t even bear to read about childbirth without dissolving into a mess. Not only that; the idea of pain terrified me, and I’d faint at the sight of a needle. So, when I became pregnant I knew I needed to sort this out, because otherwise life was going to be unbearable. Fortunately, I was training in a new therapeutic technque that I’ve since realised blows the socks lots of other therapies. I used it on myself to clear my fears and it’s what inspired my book and the podcast. You can read the full story here. Since overcoming my fears, I’ve realised how big a thing this is for women. I thought I was alone in feeling like this. But I now know that isn’t true. So, if you’re reading this and feel the same, I’d like to help you.

Tokophobia can feel incredibly isolating because hardly anyone has heard of it or know what it is, and many people simply don’t take it seriously. This lack of tokophobia support can make it even harder to handle. Add to that the desire to start a family and the potential relationship challenges that come from having tokophobia, means that you may well be feeling lonely, helpless or hopeless.

I would be honoured if you let me show you a way to move on from this.

tokophobia support

This is how I’d like to help you …

The ultimate aim with my tokophobia support is to work with you so that you can free yourself of your fear. If you’d like to start a family, then I’d love for you to be able to start planning your pregnancy journey. If you’re pregnant, then I would wish you to simply enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to welcoming your baby. As part of my tokophobia support services, we can work together to;

  • Explore your fears to better understand what they are
  • Clear the fears that we identify
  • Identify any experiences you’ve had that might be contributing to your fears
  • Reduce the emotional impact any previous experiences might be having on your life today
  • Plan for your pregnancy and birth

Working Together

Everyone’s experience of tokophobia is different, and this means not one solution will be right for everyone. This is why I offer a range of solutions to suit your needs. At one end, I offer the full DIY approach where I teach you how to clear your fear and phobia through my online course, while at the other I offer private therapy sessions, and then everything in between.

If you like, as part of our work together, I can teach you how to clear your own fears, so that you are able to do some of the clearance work yourself. This would not only reduce the number of sessions you would need, but also means you may overcome your tokophobia quicker.

Here are the ways I can support you in overcoming tokophobia;


“My biggest regret is not doing this work sooner!! I wish I had cleared my fears with Alexia BEFORE I got pregnant!”

Online Course

The Fearless Birthing Academy is my signature self-study online program that guides you through the fear-clearance process. It’s a collection of masterclasses that includes videos, audio sessions and PDFs that are designed to teach you how to identify and clear your fears. This is ideal for those who feel they just need to be shown what to do. Find out more here.

Only £249

If you feel you need more support, then I have taken this a level further. I have created a Tokophobia version of my fear-clearance online course and I have combined it with extra levels of one-to-one support so that you can get the help at a level that’s right for you.
tokophobia support group

Tokophobia Support Program

The Tokophobia Support Program combines my fear-clearance online course with one-to-one support. I’ve adapted the Fearless Birthing Academy for women with Tokophobia and I offer personal support to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. There are two levels of support you can choose from to suit your needs and your budget. The group option runs a few times a year, or you can choose the one-to-one option. Find out more here.

From £650

You're interested in working with me? Great! I'd love that!

Perhaps you’d prefer a chat first to be super sure. No problem!

I totally understand. (This is important stuff).

I want you to do the right thing for you and your family.

I refuse to work any other way. (I have standards too!)

If you’re serious about overcoming your fears and know that you can’t do that alone, book yourself a call with me – we can figure out your next step, together.

Whether that’s with me, or somebody else. (It’s ok, I can handle it!)

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