I want to share with you a true story that illustrates the shocking impact of unhealed tokophobia and how it can unexpectedly affect your life.

It’s a tokophobia recovery story that’s a little bit different. Well, VERY different!

For a start it involves a lady who’s in her late 60s!

I was truly taken aback by the profound impact that tokophobia had on her life. This wasn’t just about her decision not to have kids. This was much more far-reaching than that!

This fear can stifle our ability to birth not only children but also dreams, projects, and relationships. The surprising impact this fear had on JJ’s life left me in awe of the complexities of our subconscious fears and their influence on our actions.

And once JJ had embarked on the process of healing, she experienced incredible transformations! The kind that really only comes about once we confront and address our fears.

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JJ never knew that she had tokophobia, because she’d never heard of it

Tokophobia, the fear of childbirth, can have a shocking and surprising impact on your life if left unhealed.

JJ never realised she had tokophobia until she heard me speak during a presenter’s meeting at UK Health Radio. The minute she heard me describe how tokophobia felt for me, she realised that THIS was EXACTLY what she had experienced over 30 years ago when she was pregnant.

Like me, she lost her baby at around 7 weeks. But, because of how she felt when she was pregnant, she made the decision to NEVER get pregnant.

JJ never knew that she had tokophobia, because she’d never heard of it. But the impact that it had on her entire life is shocking. And I don’t use that term lightly.

The Far-reaching Consequences of Unhealed Tokophobia

I never really appreciated the far-reaching consequences of unhealed tokophobia.

From the unexpected ways it can hinder our ability to create and birth new ventures, to the surprising transformations that can occur once we begin the journey of healing, we delved into the complexities of this deeply rooted fear.

One of the most compelling aspects was unraveling the connection between tokophobia and our capacity for creation.

Discovery of Tokophobia and Journey to Healing

JJ, a healer in her late sixties, realised she had tokophobia when she experienced sheer terror upon discovering her pregnancy. This fear was deeply rooted and had profound consequences, including the stifling of her ability to create and birth anything in her life.

Despite losing her baby early in pregnancy and making the decision to never become a mother, the fear continued to impact her life in unexpected ways.

As a creator and a healer herself, JJ found herself unable to bring her many ideas and projects to fruition, leading to deep frustration and a feeling of being stuck.

Healing and Transformation

Upon realising her tokophobia, JJ embarked on a journey of healing. Despite initial fears of change, she dove into doing the inner work necessary to heal her tokophobia. The impact of this healing work was truly transformative.

Within just six months, JJ experienced a dramatic shift in her ability to create and birth new ventures in her life. Her projects, which previously lacked traction, began to take off, and she found herself effortlessly accomplishing tasks that she had long struggled with. The impact of healing tokophobia extended beyond just the fear of childbirth, unlocking JJ’s creative potential and empowering her to pursue her dreams.

It was truly eye-opening to witness the remarkable shifts that occurred in JJ’s life after embarking on her healing journey. The way in which she began to create, manifest, and actualise her aspirations left me inspired and hopeful for anyone who may be experiencing a similar struggle.

Listen to JJ share her story

Here is when I first spoke to JJ about tokophobia when she invited me onto her UK Health Radio show.

Alchemy 101 – JJ Stenhouse – Tokophobia

And here is my latest conversation with JJ, six months later;

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