I’m currently writing a book on Tokophobia and I’m looking for contributors.

This book will be written for those who suffer from it. I know that my book Fearless Birthing is triggering for some who suffer with tokophobia. That was not my intention at all, so I want this book NOT to do that!

I want it to be a source of information, support and guidance for those who suffer with it, and for those who want to heal from it. I also would like the book to be a useful reference for health care providers who would like to better understand those who suffer from tokophobia.

Tokophobia affects people in different ways – some fear pregnancy, while others fear birth – and some fear both, as well as motherhood. So I want the different facets of tokophobia to be represented. As such I would like to include real life stories of how tokophobia affects women and what their experiences are.

Looking for real life experiences of tokophobia

Including real life stories is really important for me. I’d like to include stories by women who

  • have successfully overcome it
  • made the decision not to conquer the fears but yet go on to have a family
  • continue to suffer with it

I’d like to include things like

  • how tokophobia feels for you
  • how doctors/nurses respond to you when you tell them how you feel
  • how family members/friends/partners react to you feeling this way (or you telling them)
  • how well or badly you feel supported by health care peeps when you seek help/support
  • how you coped while pregnant/giving birth
  • what worked for you, and what didn’t

If you’d like to contribute I have created a google for with some questions where you can share your experience.

Video conversations to accompany the book

I’m also looking to record a series of video conversations to accompany the book. Being able to watch and listen to other women share their stories is very powerful especially when we are trying to help our friends and family understand how tokophobia affects women.

Health care professionals welcome too

I’d also like to speak to health care professionals who have some valuable insights they’d like to share. Perhaps some experiences or advice for sufferers, or for other health care professionals. So if you’re a midwife or a doula who’d like to take part, then you can either email me through this site, or indicate your interest in the contributor form.

Submit your contributions here

I’ve created a google form that you can use to share your experience here.

And if you have suggestions of chapter headings etc, let me know.
Thank you.


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