Work with Alexia

I love nothing more than to help people to unlock their best self. And when it comes to pregnancy and birth that usually means helping women to get rid of their fears and anxieties.

The journey to motherhood is an important one. Unfortunately, for many it’s fraught with hurdles and emotional obstacles and while I can’t promise to eliminate all of these challenges, I can help you to master your mind and your emotions. And not just around birth, but around everything.

That’s because my work is both potent and deep. When you work with me, we will heal those aspects of you that are contributing to your fears and anxiety on this journey. Typically these are also showing up elsewhere in your life too. This is what makes my work so powerful and transformational. I don’t just clear your fears… I help you to find that inner bad ass who’s not only going to rock her birth, but who will rock at being a mama too.

And if you’re a birth worker, I can help you too. Birth workers need emotional support too. Women everywhere need you to be strong for them. Let me help you.

During our time together will find yourself and realise what a powerhouse you truly are.

Are you up for that?

This is my specialist program for those who want to overcome tokophobia. It combines private calls with me with online materials to help you to put your fears behind you.

It’s designed to offer you the support you need – at the level you need it – to overcome tokophobia.

This program lasts 5 weeks and enables you to benefit from my coaching and guidance on your fear-clearance journey.

This is my most in-depth program for those who want to overcome tokophobia.

It differs from the Support Program in that it’s longer. The program is 3 months instead of 5 weeks. This means you get more calls. And the calls are longer because they involve lots of clearances.

This program is more in-depth all round and ideal for those who feel they need more emotional support.

Birth work is beautiful yet demanding, especially emotionally. This can lead to burnout, which is the last thing you want when you’re on a mission to support women.

Before my pregnancy work I was a business & marketing coach. Now I’m mindset Jedi too! I bring all this together to help you to be the best version of you so that you can be successful AND impactful. And without the burnout!

This 3-month coaching programme is transformational.