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Looking after your Pelvic Floor, with Anita Lambert

Your pelvic floor is one of those things that you take for granted before giving birth. It's just there. Then you give birth and it's not! After my first pregnancy, I went to a weekly buggy workout where we were talked through the kegel exercises and I remember being...

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Childbirth Self Efficacy with Sophie Fletcher

Today we're talking about childbirth self efficacy. I'm taking a deeper look into the psychology of birth with birth expert and best-selling author, Sophie Fletcher. In this episode we're going to be talking about what childbirth self efficacy is, why it's important...

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Expecting Multiples with Mars Lord

If you're expecting multiples then today is your turn! I can't tell you how many times I receive emails from mamas expecting multiples asking.. no BEGGING.. me for podcast episodes for them and believe me when I say this: I have been TRYING!!! [spp-player] Today I'm...

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When all your worst birth fears come true

[spp-player] Imagine if all your worst birth fears came true. What kind of birth experience would that be? It would be easy to think that this could be the most terrifying birth experience ever. And for some it might well be, but in today's episode I'm sharing a story...

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Simone’s Fearless Birth in a Stream

There are birth stories and there are birth in a stream stories and today on the podcast I'm super chuffed to be able to bring you one of the latter. It's an incredible birth story and one that you might well have seen, or at least heard about. Today I'm sharing...

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Tora’s Fearless Birth Story from Sweden

My guest today is Tora, a podcast listener, and we had a few emails back and forth during her pregnancy, but what was so fabulous is that Tora emailed me to tell me about her amazing fearless birth. [spp-player optin="off" ctabuttons="off" url=“youraudio.mp3"] Tora's...

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Preparing your mindset for birth

Getting into the right mindset for birth is something that is often talked about. We're often hearing people say "Birth is mind over matter" and that's because it's true! So I wanted to dig a bit deeper into understanding what a great mindset for birth was and I've a...

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Natasha’s conscious pregnancy and positive birth story

If I had to sum up my philosophy on life and indeed all those important aspects of life, I'd say it would be all about living consciously. So I was thrilled when Natasha, the host of the Conscious Living Podcast, approached me so that she could share her positive...

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Grief, Loss and Being Pregnant without a Mother

I'm going to keep my podcast show notes short today because I just recorded the podcast without planning it. I just hit record and spoke from the heart. It's a very personal podcast that was hard for me to record and I don't quite fancy having to regurgitate it all...

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Fear of Needles & Injections

If you panic and worry in the lead-up to an injection then I hope that today's podcast will help you. It's for those people with a fear of needles and injections. [spp-player optin="off" ctabuttons="off" url=“youraudio.mp3"] As someone who used to be utterly terrified...

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Fear of pain in birth

I’ve already talked about pain during birth in another podcast - how a fear creates pain during childbirth - so today I want to take a slightly different angle because pain is quite a biggie when it comes to birth. So I’d like to zoom in on the idea of pain and its...

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Lucy’s Primal Birth Story

[spp-player optin="off" ctabuttons="off" url=“youraudio.mp3"] This week I'm delighted to share another positive birth story. This week Lucy HG is going to be sharing with us her primal birth story. Primal birth story? Well yes! It's primal because Lucy went all primal...

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Tokophobia; fear of childbirth

Today I want to talk about tokophobia for a few reasons… It’s the name given to a fear of pregnancy and childbirth… so pretty relevant for my podcast! People don’t even know it’s THING.. so I’m here to say it IS a Thing and it’s a pretty BIG thing. I want to share...

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Hospital or home birth? Interview with Sonia Killik

Choosing between a hospital or home birth is one of the key decisions you will face as a pregnant mama. Making choices around your birth can feel a little overwhelming. It can be easy to procrastinate on this and put it off. But actually, that's the last thing you...

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I just wanted to send along a message letting you know that I am absolutely loving your podcast! I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my first child and I eagerly anticipate a new podcast each week. The positivity is exactly what I was looking for and need to hear on this journey. You are providing such a wonderful gift to mums to be. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Keep up the great work you are doing and know that it is not going unappreciated.


I am loving your website & podcasts! I am on maternity leave (due end Aug or should I say early September? Prob more accurate!) & have just discovered you. Have been listening to multiple podcasts each day whilst walking, cooking etc & they are all brilliant & informative. I have been doing active birth & yoga classes in preparation since around 3 months & have a doula but your fearless birth is brilliant concept.


I just wanted to say that I found your podcast a few weeks ago and I have just really enjoyed listening to your shows! I love how comforting and empowering they are and how they help me feel like “YES, I CAN DO THIS!!”. They are very informative and each show has something different and valuable to offer. So thank you for doing this!