For you if you’re due any day

Induction and the pressure to induce, with Patti Good

Are you facing intense pressure to induce? Well, I hope that today's podcast will help! This time last year I was 11 days over my due date so I was never more than a few hours away from hearing the word “induction”. Being an older mum also put me in the high-risk...

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How I dealt with the pressure to be induced

Are you suffering from the pressure to be induced ? Well maybe my story can help you. This time last year I was 5 days past my due date. Well, the due date that my midwife had given me. I was doing everything I could to stay calm and present despite knowing that I was...

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The 4 things I want to say to you if you’re due any day

[spp-player optin="off" ctabuttons="off" url=“youraudio.mp3"] Are you due any day? Then this is for you! This post is inspired by and dedicated to Alia, one of my podcast listeners. I decided to touch base with Alia as I knew she was due around now and she replied to...

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Do you have any fears you want to clear?

You’ve still got time to listen to my fear-clearance mediations. They’re ideal for listening to during labour too!

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